Dear ____________,

It is with mixed emotions, yet with firm conviction that I write this letter of resignation.

My association over the past _____ years with this excellent firm and its many wonderful people has been a significant part of my professional, as well as personal, life.

Please understand that I have made this decision to leave ___________ only after considerable deliberation and discussion with my family, and only because I feel that an excellent opportunity to significantly further my career path, as well as to help me achieve my personal goals, has presented itself.

I am therefore, resigning from ____________ effective ___________. This will allow me to complete current commitments to the company prior to commencing with my new employer on __________________.

In the interim, I will work with you and the staff to affect an easy transfer of functions to other department members.

I hope that you will understand and accept my decision, and that I will have your support in making this change as easy as possible for the staff.


Your Name Here