Hi There

This is the new Mission Search. We are working on making the whole site a lot better. As we build the concept for this site, we need to dive deep into the world of our customers. That means we need to start with a clean slate and develop the true meaning of mission search.

What is searching actually about? It’s a wish for an answer, a desire for something that we don’t have yet. But why are we looking to expand our horizon?

This goes to the very core of our existence. What are we constantly trying to do in this world? Improve our quality of life. And what is life? There are many ways to look at this. But the most basic and correct one would be: life is conscious experience.

So then when we search we are actually looking to improve our conscious experience. And that can have many facets. We can be looking for better things to have and use. We can be looking to solve problems we have with our current things.

Or what about health problems? Those do definitely have a negative effect on our experience. If we feel constantly tired or in pain, it’s difficult to enjoy anything else.

Mental health is a big factor to quality of life too. Some people sit on a mountain for gold and are constantly afraid. They wouldn’t necessary admit to that, right away, but their actions are very much showing it.

Well, this is what we are working on. And it’s coming a long steadily.

Be well, and see you soon!

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